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"The best thing about Word Jones is knowing with confidence that they can handle whatever I need done. Writing, proofing, design, Web – I never have to wonder where to turn when we outsource creative work, because the answer is easy: Word Jones. And their work is always as good as – or even better – than I expected."

–David Kelliher,



Word Jones started as a word-services company, focused on copywriting, editing and proofreading. And that core still drives us. But our clients began asking for other things to accompany those lovely words: graphics, Web design, photography… next thing you know we had established a network of independent creatives, all ready to contribute as needed. It’s essentially a virtual agency — we provide as narrow or broad a focus as your project needs. From naming, taglines and identity packages to Web copy, case studies and comprehensive marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered. We could call it Creative Jones, but in the end, well… we’re still a little biased toward the words.

Here are the areas in which we offer up our skills:

As Word Jones has grown, we’ve also evolved. All that creative energy simply couldn’t be contained within the confines of writing and proofing, so we branched out — and discovered a knack for not just seeing the bigger picture, but actually creating it. Now we offer nearly everything a traditional creative agency does, but using a team of low-overhead freelancers. It’s a nice business model: We work at home, without the distractions, bureaucracy and politics of an agency. You get stellar work, without paying for a bunch of admin assistants and a questionably cool sculpture in the lobby.

The problem with most marketing copy? Too much “Blah, blah” and not enough “Hey!” Most marcom writers get so caught up in solution-speak, or hitting every possible selling point, that they forget: The how is just as important as the what. Word Jones understands the impact of voice. We excel in adopting exactly the right voice for your message and your audience. We can write pretty much anything you need, in the voice you need, sounding like subject-matter experts. Take a look at the diversity of our clients and work samples to see what we mean.

Proofreading and Editing
Proofreaders are born, not made. It’s just the way you’re wired. Sure, you have to learn the mechanics — but it’s an innate personality trait to be attuned so sensitively to language errors. People like us notice everything. That may not always be fun for our friends and family, but it’s quite valuable to our clients. Those proofing clients send us anything and everything they’re working on. We work the pieces over like crime-scene detectives, then relay our feedback. Our turnaround is reassuringly fast, and an on-call, pay-as-you-go proofer is a cost-efficient resource.


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