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"Having good editors is every author's secret weapon. In my case, that vital work always falls to Jim Moore and his miracle workers, who always embody what novelist Vladimir Nabokov deplored us to do: 'Caress the detail, the divine detail.' Trust me, there is no detail too fine that Moore and Company won't unearth to hone, polish and perfect. I am humbled by their work."

–Landon J. Napoleon,
author of 13 books



Jim Moore started Word Jones from scratch in June 1999, billing an impressive $3,500 that year. But the first major client signed on in 2000, word of mouth spread, and we've been executing our plan for word dominance ever since. In addition to straight-up word work, we've branched out, and now use a network of like-minded, talented and independent writers, proofers, graphic artists, photographers, Web designers and others.

Here are some of the regular players:

Jim Moore
One-Man Creative Band
  Jim has had a word jones seemingly from birth. He was reading books aloud at the age of 4, proofreading the family-owned newspaper at 10 and writing about the local sports scene at 14.
Other kids used to tease him by saying that he read the dictionary to look for mistakes in it. Hmm. Jim’s previous careers as a high school English teacher and college sports information director eventually clued him into the idea that he might really want to be a writer. From copywriting, it was an inexorable progression to “What I really want to do is (creative) direct.” These days he still wonders about the fact that people pay him just for his ideas and words, but he’s learned to roll with it. He’s a semi-fanatic cyclist and a relentless traveler, and don’t get him started talking about movies.


LeeAnn Kriegh
Head Grammarian

LeeAnn remains certain — as she has been since her stunning loss in the third-grade spelling bee — that “tragedy” should be spelled with a “j.” She rose from the ashes of her defeat to achieve academic excess: two majors as an undergraduate, two master’s degrees and a Rhodes Scholar nomination.

In what appears to be a classic case of overcompensation, she has become a highly skilled and experienced writer, editor and proofreader. Despite her credentials, LeeAnn’s campaign for “trajedy” has, like her support of serial commas, fallen on hard times.


Susan Campbell
Subhead Grammarian

Following the Word Jones grammarian tradition, Susan also experienced a stunning disqualification in a third-grade spelling test for innocently reviewing the paper of a classmate she had been coaching to certain victory.

This seminal injustice has driven her lifelong crusade to remedy word-based inaccuracies and iniquities wherever they are found. Her quest to encounter every word in the English language led to 14 years in colleges and universities and resulted in a largely unused vocabulary of arcane terms in architecture, astronomy, ethnobotany, linguistics, ornithology… you get the point. She also absconded with a degree in nonfiction writing and a secret handshake from Phi Beta Kappa. Susan works with university presses around the country, applying her meticulous skills to such well-reviewed titles as The Handbook of the Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest. She works from her home office, where she is perfecting the all-day pajama.


Brynna King
Copy Chef

Home video footage of a children's play contains evidence of Brynna's early knack for word work: In it, she not only delivers her own lines; she noticeably mouths everyone else's as well.

A couple decades later, she's less of a showoff, but she hasn't lost an ounce of zeal for creative work. She writes, reads, cooks and crafts with gusto, and even spent a few years as the keyboardist for a reggae band. Upon realizing her long-held affinity for assonance and ampersands—and, clearly, alliteration—wasn't going to go away, Brynna left a career in zoo keeping (er, teaching) to return to her first love: words, and lots of them.


James Turner
The Wizard of Web

In an era when the “business card” that really counts is your website, James is a valuable asset for Word Jones clients. His graphic arts/Web design background enables a delicate, essential balancing act between capable Web geek and savvy layout artist.

Not only are his sites (including this one) navigable and glitch-free, but they look good, too. James would probably make a handsome living playing soccer if he didn't love Web work so darned much. See some more of his work at www.JamesLTurner.com.


Sarah Cook
Queen of Tasteful Design

It's probably good that someone who is absolutely compelled to line things up, add white space and tweak copy found a professional outlet for her neurosis; otherwise she'd go 'round the bend every time she looked at a bad billboard or a voter's pamphlet.

Sarah has built a stellar career as a designer, with experience that includes working for small agencies, big corporations and herself. She has the valuable ability to take a project from initial concept to beautiful finished product, working solo or as part of a collaborative team. When not fretting over kerning she's wrangling her two kids, exploring the Oregon wilds and then wrangling her two kids some more.


Geena Min
Design Diva
  Geena is another highly creative type who had to get out on her own and see what the freelance world has to offer. She’s an innovative designer who’s adept at everything from straight-up technical illustrations to vibrant, funky layouts.
Geena is the owner of Geena Min Graphics and the loving mother of a son, Halsten, and she could live semi-comfortably on her residuals as a stock-photography model.


Julia Oliver
P.R. Powerhouse

Julia possesses an exceedingly rare and valuable trait for a P.R. professional: the ability to get people to do whatever she wants even as they’re duly impressed at how nice she is.

Her father identified this gift early in her life, calling it “Irish diplomacy.” (His explanation: “You can tell people to go to h***, and not only will they do it, they’ll enjoy the trip!”) You can imagine this comes in handy as she pitches product reviews and story placements and follows up on press releases. Julia is tireless and fearless as she makes and uses her connections within a given industry. She has a degree in communications and 10 years of experience getting paid to get people to do what she wants.


Terry Poe
Ace Photographer
  After more than 15 years as a professional (and award-winning) photojournalist, Terry decided that a steady paycheck was just too confining and predictable, so he struck out on his own and founded Terry Poe Photography.
OK, actually he wanted to stretch creatively; living with the boom-and-bust economy of freelancing is just a bonus. Terry has the enviable ability to make a photo look great whether it's of a hotel room or a breathtaking scenic vista. He shoots for all Word Jones projects that need something visual to break up all the beautiful words. Check out Terry's work at www.poephoto.com.


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